Corpse Party: Tortured Souls—All Questions Answered

*This post may contain spoilers about the entire CP franchise.

Hello everyone!

I am a Corpse Party die-hard fan. I’ve played all of the games in the franchise, read the manga adaptations, watched the movies, read way too much Ayushiki FanFiction, and of course, watched the (rather disappointing) anime.

As many of you CP fans know, the anime wasn’t exactly… erm… enlightening. The anime was only really fair to the game in its depiction of the death scenes and the fact that Heavenly Host is very far from being “heavenly” in any form or way.

Many fans, myself included, dashed to the CP forums and Wikias in the search for any information that would clarify why things went down the way they did in the anime. If even the fans had questions about this adaptation, then you can only imagine how confused non-fans must have felt while and after watching it.

This is my response to the questions brought up in this post about the (rather infamous) Corpse Party anime.

As mentioned before, the explanations below may contain spoilers. If you haven’t watched the anime yet, I encourage you to watch it and formulate your own thoughts on it before reading the rest of this post.

Let’s get on with the post! ^.^

  1. Why did pretty much everyone die?

This anime purposely didn’t portray what happened in the games in order to get people to actually play the games. In fact, this anime is based on a mix of wrong endings in the game, hence the seemingly pointless deaths.

Also, this is Corpse Party we’re talking about, so don’t expect anyone to come out alive.


This bloody mess was once a human…

  1. How is the only survivor of the incident (where the teacher supposedly kills the children) also a ghost in HH? How did the killer even kill the children while dead and then still was proclaimed as a survivor? Was the newspaper in HH fabricated to throw everyone off?

This answer will be long because it’s almost impossible to answer these questions piece-by-piece using information provided only in the anime. Here goes…

Firstly, Sachiko, her mom, and Ayumi, the girl who suggested doing the charm, all belong to the Shinozaki family. In the Corpse Party universe, the Shinozaki bloodline is known to have ties with the supernatural. Basically, they as a bunch are all more attuned to the spiritual world, psychics, and the art of clairvoyance, which is seen with Ayumi’s fascination with ghost stories and charms.

However, Ayumi didn’t know she was related to the main villain at all. The reasons for why this is the case are very complicated. For now, let’s just assume that Ayumi’s parents cut off ties with the extended Shinozaki household due to their rather unhealthy involvement with the supernatural. This information is crucial to understanding how Sachiko concocted the following events.


Shinozaki Family Curse

Now, when she was alive, Sachiko treasured her mom, Yoshie, especially because her dad had already died due the Shinozaki Family Curse (which is a long story). Yoshie was understandably devastated after her husband’s death and devoted herself more to her work as the HH school nurse.


Then, Yoshie and Sachiko suffered painful deaths against their will, and as a result, became vengeful, bitter spirits, who wandered the halls of HH. Furthermore, Yoshie managed to curse the principal’s bloodline before dying, which is why his son deteriorated and eventually became Sachiko’s slave. The curse also partly tormented the principal enough to drive him to cut Sachiko’s corpse’s tongue since he too was deteriorating with time.

In the meantime, Yoshie’s ghost kept a diary in the spirit world where she lamented on how much she missed working with children. Sachiko, taking note of this, began kidnapping and killing numerous children from HH to bring their spirits to her mom. These original killings were implied to be labeled as the child going missing, accidental death, or death by unknown or natural causes. Eventually, Sachiko became obsessed with killing people in some of the most sadistic, dehumanizing ways. Yoshie’s ghost tried to stop her, but by then, the Sachiko she knew and loved was gone.

Remember, how I mentioned that the Shinozaki bloodline is good at manipulating supernatural phenomenon? Well, Sachiko inherited this “gift” and used her powers to a) manipulate the principal’s son and b) transform herself into her human-looking self at will. By now, the principal’s son, Yoshikazu, had deteriorated to a point where the only will he followed was Sachiko’s will. Here is where the action that leads to the present circumstances begins.

Sachiko then ordered Yoshikazu to lure and kidnap unsuspecting elementary school kids after school. To ward off any initial suspicion from the other three kids, she told Yoshikazu to tie her up as well next to these kids. After Yoshikazu blindfolded the kids as Sachiko commanded, he untied her and proceeded to cower in fear in a corner as Sachiko commenced the blood fest.


After killing the children, she created a scene that incriminated Yoshikazu as the true perpetrator. When authorities found the crime scene, they found a scared and remorseful Yoshikazu along with a “frightened” Sachiko. Yoshikazu is then arrested while Sachiko is “rescued” and named the sole “survivor” of the crime. The newspaper reported that Sachiko was led away from the scene and never heard from ever again. The games never mentioned how she pretty much disappeared and went back to HH without arousing suspicion. I guess the creators didn’t think it was important to explain that bit. Therefore, the newspaper was NOT fabricated—just misleading.

Eventually, Sachiko went back to HH to continue killing children for joy causing even more misery to the principal, who just had his son taken away. However, this particular bloodbath was so savage and unnerving that the school was shut and torn down. The fact that many children had already gone missing or died inexplicably since the late 1950s also contributed to the school’s demise. Sachiko, however, was having none of that. Hence, she used her powers to create a haunted replica of HH on a spiritual plane held together by a nexus of different dimensions. For a while, she lured potential victims to HH herself, but eventually, Naho Saenoki made recruiting victims much easier with the “Sachiko Ever After” Charm.


No one questioned the fact that a “Sachiko Shinozaki” had already died in the 1950s because the principal covered her death after claiming Yoshie died on accident. Also, by the time the 1973 killings occurred, almost 20 years had already passed since Yoshie and Sachiko died. Nobody would’ve remembered them by now, and the Shinozaki household never appeared to claim Yoshie’s body or even care to question Sachiko’s disappearance.

I really hope this post answers your questions. The games cover lots of different story-lines and plots. Some of the events were left up to the player to interpret, so some of these explanations are theoretical in nature.

The last game, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, delves further into the creation of Heavenly Host and the truth behind the Shinozaki family. In this post, I attempted to answer the questions using information mostly from the first game, Corpse Party: Blood Covered, which is what the anime is based on.

Let me know what you think in the comments below (especially if I made any mistakes explaining anything!).

Thank you for reading and a special thanks to Tessa from AllAboutAnime for inspiring me to write this post. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Corpse Party: Tortured Souls—All Questions Answered

  1. This has answered most of the bizarre questions I had, thank you for clearing that up! Also thanks for the mention and link back to my blog, you rock!
    That time line really had been confusing.

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